• La boca Vignette Series

    Alejandra Ribera reveals her debut album “La boca” through a vignette series featuring images from acclaimed international directors. Inspired by hope, the video for Alejandra’s stunning new song “I Want” is woven together with footage from Canada, Hungary, Columbia, France, Mexico and beyond. Directed Kristina Wagenbauer, the La boca vignette series is made up of these contributions and features a clip for each song on the album. It will culminate in what will be the final video for “I Want” from the Montreal based songwriter’s upcoming album La boca.  Alejandra Ribera explains.

    “’I Want’ is a song about the sensations we tap into in order to feel hope. Those sensations that help us move from a place of feeling closed to a place of feeling open and ready to receive. It’s all things I do to reopen myself when I’m feeling depleted or uninspired. It became the basis for the chorus of the song and includes everything from dancing alone in my room to prayer to kissing my friend on the forehead. I carry it in my pocket all the time.

    I told Kristina Wagenbauer about this list I created while I was writing ‘I Want’ and a few weeks later she came to me with the ambitious idea she had for the video. She would send my list to a select group of directors who live all over the world and ask them to create their own personal lists and capture those ideas on film. Those images would then come together to create a beautiful abstract tapestry. What I love is that this music video has become like a joy capsule. We started by shooting at home in Montreal with cinematographer Marie Davignon and then footage started rolling in from all over – Columbia, Hungary, Mexico, France, Poland and beyond. We have contributions from Filip PiskorzynskiGabi KislatDebora Vrizzi,  Seb Houis and Eve DufaudIta Zbroniec-Zajt and Peter Kiss to name a few. The generosity of the talent on this project has been overwhelming and both Kristina and I were thrilled when our friend, esteemed producer Victorine Sentilhes also came onboard.

    From its inception this project has been based on admiration of other artists visions and infused with deep trust. I hope it inspires people to ponder their own points of joy and respite and perhaps take comfort in the idea that all over the world we’re all working with the same basic sensations to reach that place of hope.”